bbin新体育平台首页官网 is active in the API business on an international level. 
bbin新体育平台地址官网 is mainly active via its local offices (Hungary, Slovak (Czech) Republic, Vietnam, Israel, China, Taiwan and Turkey) In addition it is also sourcing for customers and promoting products across EU and in India.
bbin新体育平台平台线路 mainly represents niche and leading manufacturers from USA, EU, India, South America and China that can ensure high quality, professional technical support and reasonable commercial costing.
bbin新体育平台地址网址 has the ability to promote API's to all of the customers in the areas where it is active and to major customers manufacturing generic API's for the regulated markets. In addition we are promoting non regulated API's from China to customers in India.
bbin新体育平台 is specifically focused on the regulated pharmaceutical industry and has rich experience with almost all the API's in the industry. This ability ensures fast location of the suitable product and source, while saving money and valuable time estimated up to 6 months time save.
bbin新体育平台地址官网 is also involved in a lab in China, in order to enhance the services provides to its customers. This lab has the ability to develop certain niche intermediates that are not common in the market and also to provide technical solutions, all under strict confidentially. The processes and intermediates developed in this lab support our sources and customers.
bbin新体育平台offer other services that involve production solutions in different countries worldwide in order to bypass and solve patent, environment or capacity complications.
If you are seeking any specific or difficult API's we probably have a source or solution for you.